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When is a T-shirt not a T-shirt?

When is a T-shirt not a T-shirt?

That is the question my friend. And I will answer. When its passion, life and love. When its meaning is greater than its parts.When you get shivers putting it on knowing that you are badass and no-one can tell you otherwise.Knowing that you are You and you have made...

Breaking News: Killers & Kings Endorsement

Breaking News: Killers & Kings Endorsement

I am pleased to announce that the UK rock band Killers & Kings will now be endorsed by DILLIGAF Clothing. Very excited to see them sporting our tees and hoodies in the near future. Check them out on

Polestar Music Management Endorsements

Polestar Music Management Endorsements

As a lover of Rock and Blues, and a former DJ at Hard Rock Hell Radio, it is only fitting that my new company seeks to endorse and support, (and hopefully raise a smile) in the rock scene wherever I can, and a big thank you to Polestar Music Management and the bands...


Live life Your Way

We are all broken. Some more than others.

The ethos is simple – DILLIGAF – Do I Look Like I Give a Fuck – an expression that is used widely, especially in the biker community as well, but one that goes a lot deeper.
From my perspective, it embodies the spirit of being oneself; of becoming the best version of You, no mater what the odds or what the past has thrown at you before. The only way is forward, and take that by the scruff of the neck, go forth and conquer.

And that is worth stating to the world – I am going to live life my way and be happy.

Now what are you going to do about it?

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