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4 Epic Days Of Powder Skiing

4 Epic Days Of Powder Skiing

Grab your skis and get out here! Those seven words were the start of the most epic adventure of my life. They came in the form of a phone call from a remote lodge in Eastern British Columbia. “Man you will not believe what the last 2 days were like. It hasn’t stopped...

A Beginners Guide To Bodybuilding – The Basics

A Beginners Guide To Bodybuilding – The Basics

As a beginner to bodybuilding there are few basics you need to know before you head off head first down the gym to start training to ensure that you maximize the effects of your work outs and minimize the risks of injury. One of the biggest mistakes many people do...

Easy Backpacking Dinner Recipes

Easy Backpacking Dinner Recipes

As you already know if you’ve read our other easy backpacking recipes, it is very important to eat nutritiously and drink plenty of water while backpacking. We’ve already mentioned a few meal ideas for breakfast and lunch, as well as a few energising backpacking snack...

About Us

Be Awesome. Be you.  Live life.

Probably one of the those over used expressions, but one that we take seriously, because it means we are not going to conform for the sake of it, the establishment or go silently into the night.

We are us and we will live life on our own terms – be ourselves, be strong, be confident even when we are at our lowest.

To celebrate life we wanted to share this fact with you all by creating the ever popular expression that is DILLIGAF and create a brand out of it.

So, show your solidarity to the world and stick it to doubters.

DILLIGAF  – Most of you should know what it means.
If you don’t  – google it.

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