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That is the question my friend.

And I will answer. When its passion, life and love.
When its meaning is greater than its parts.
When you get shivers putting it on knowing that you are badass and no-one can tell you otherwise.
Knowing that you are You and you have made it this far and are still alive and proud.

When its got soul. That’s when a T-shirt is not just a T-shirt.

There so many wannabee, rip-off brands out there that don’t stand for anything or anyone.
Makes me sick to know that people pay good money to companies that don’t give a shit about their customers, they are just a commodity.
The motorcycle industry is one. extortionate prices for these “hipster” brands, and all the café racer gear is now a thing. Really.

Don’t be sheep, keep it real.

Live life your way.

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