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Self Defence

Everyone could use self defense training. Why? Because you could be the victim of a violent crime, regardless of your age, sex, or size. Even in rural communities that were once thought of as ìsafe,î children are abducted, women are raped, and men are robbed. As much as the world might like to ignore it, crime is a scary reality today.

That is why defensive training is so important. A good training program will teach you several things. The first thing it will teach you is how to overcome the walls in your mind that keep you submissive to an attacker. More often than not, the reason that a criminal is able to overcome his victim is because of the victimís attitude. The victim does not think that he or she is capable of overcoming the criminal and escaping, so he does not even try. Defensive training will show you how to stop these thoughts in their tracks.

Another aspect of a good self defense program is the moves it teaches. While specialized fighting styles can be fun and a great way to get in shape, they are also sometimes quite complicated and can take years to learn. Many people would rather use the techniques right after the first lesson. This is why a quality program will give helpful techniques from day one.

A good program is going to be simple enough for even children to learn how to ward off an attacker. This does not mean that a child is going to be able to completely incapacitate their attacker, but children should have enough fighting knowledge to know how to gain the advantage over their attacker long enough to get away to safety. This knowledge could end up saving a childís life. This is why training needs to be presented in a clear, concise way that even a child can understand.

Finally, a good self defense training program will show the fighter how to win out over an attacker even when the attacker is much larger. The fact is, most criminals prey on those they feel they can easily overcome physically. With defensive training, small stature and build can be used as an advantage.

Finding quality fighting instruction on the Internet is a challenge. Most companies offering online fight instruction have overpriced materials that are not helpful. Either the materials are too specific to be of use to the average learner, or they are too general to give the learner the needed skills. Finding the right balance is the challenge.

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