As a lover of Rock and Blues, and also a rock DJ it is only fitting that my new company seeks to endorse and support, (and hopefully raise a smile) in the rock scene wherever I can, with a big thank you to Polestar Music Management, Forged Ahead Initiative and all the bands on these pages for taking a leap of faith in me and my new company.

The ethos is simple – DILLIGAF – Do I Look Like I Give a Fuck – an expression that is used widely, especially in the biker community as well, but one that goes a lot deeper.

From my perspective, it embodies the spirit of being oneself; of becoming the best version of You, no mater what the odds or what the past has thrown at you before.
The only way is forward, and take that by the scruff of the neck, go forth and conquer. Be that person that was broken, or struggling on a day to day basis – you got this and you can do it no matter what.

It’ not just empty words, I have been there, and many years ago was diagnosed with clinical depression and went through all kinds of mental hell, but have come out the other side and whilst I am not saying { am in no way healed, footloose or fancy free, I am stronger for it and feeling a lot more positive and driven.

Thanks for reading this far.

DILLIGAF – Be You, Be Awesome. LIVE LIFE.

The Forge Ahead Initiative & DILLIGAF Clothing endorsements

The Forge Ahead Initiative & DILLIGAF Clothing endorsements

The Forge Ahead Initiative (F.A.I) is a project which has been conceptualised and is being run by The Forge Music Group in conjunction with The Patriot-Home of Rock (Venue). Please note that other venues around the U.K will also be utilised however The Patriot is the central hub for the project.

The rationale behind the FAI Project is to identify and assist the very best young original unsigned bands who meet the qualifying criteria, and offer them guidance and support in every aspect of the music business and assist them in their progression. The ten bands chosen to be part of the FAI Project each year will be offered support slots at gigs, at festivals and on tours and will have the full support of The Forge Music Group.

The other main aspect of FAI is to attract young fans into the original rock/ metal scene by encouraging their interest via the bands who are from their peer group / age group.

Some of the bands involved in the inaugural Forge Ahead Initiative are:-

Royal Bloom / Mercury Rising / Thieves of Liberty

Sticker Mule – great value labels and stuff

Sticker Mule – great value labels and stuff

What a friendly and affordable crowd to do business with. Stumbled across these guts and i must say really happy with their products and turnaround time as well as the special deals you can get from time to time.

Have used their packaging tape – 2 different rolls, and their 50mm round self adhesive labels, the printing quality is superb and delivered pretty quickly as well.

Go check them out – Sticker Mule Custom Labels

New Organic Teas added to Shop

New Organic Teas added to Shop

Whilst we are all for being You and being the best that you can be, we also care about the planet and are trying to do our bit.

So we have updated our Coffee, and now added Organic Teas – all Fairtrade, with the packaging being fully compostable.

We have also sourced the coffee and tea from a local supplier to us, which also cuts down on travel and our carbon footprint where possible.

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