4 Epic Days Of Powder Skiing

4 Epic Days Of Powder Skiing

Grab your skis and get out here!

Those seven words were the start of the most epic adventure of my life. They came in the form of a phone call from a remote lodge in Eastern British Columbia.

“Man you will not believe what the last 2 days were like. It hasn’t stopped snowing here for 42 hours. Dude it is almost waist deep. We signed up for another 4 days. There is one spot left. Grab your skis and get out here.

“I am in” I hastily declared not quite sure how I was going to get away from work.

When it is waist deep I can always find a reason for getting out of work. I was buzzing. It has been a long time since I have gone skiing in the back country. I quickly threw a couple changes of clothes into my pack, gloves, helmet, goggles, in also. Transferred some money around and I was on my way to the adventure of a lifetime, literally.

I was going to Golden BC to enjoy some great snowcat skiing about 80 north of the small mountain community. Some guys I knew from Calgary were up on a 3 day tour at Chatter Creek and called me after their second day in waist deep powder. The excitement in their voice (and probably a bit of alcohol as well) had me vibrating within seconds of hearing the words “waist deep”.

Of course with a lot of snow falling in the past several days the mountain pass between Golden and neighboring Revelstoke was treacherous to say the least. Traffic had been getting through intermittently between closures for avalanche control.

Getting into Golden was a relief since the helicopter flight to the lodge was in just under an hour. I had just enough time to stop at 7-11 for gum and other junk food, get to the airport, sign a waiver and board the chopper.

The 22 minute flight was something else. We skirted up the valley from Golden with the Selkirks on the left and the Rockies on the right. A final quick jump over the Kitchen Range and we were into the Chatter Creek Drainage. I could see the blue roofing of the lodge appear like a sapphire in the green and white of the surrounding terrain.

The first night of the trip was a blur of food, booze and faces. 35 other people with the same crazed look of powder that I had. It was hard to get to sleep the first night but before long I was woke up by my watch. First thing was to look out the window to see how much new; 22cm on top of the 96 cm that fell in the last 4 days.

The morning continued with breakfast at 7:30 followed by a safety briefing about the snowcats and more importantly avalanche safety and the use of transceivers. This was followed by boarding the cats for a 15 minute ride to the East Ridge.

Running almost east to west for 7 km, the East Ridge is 2200 vertical feet of north facing trees and south facing cut blocks.

The snowcat stopped at the top of a run called Bad Boys. The top 1/3 of the run in the alpine and continued down through old growth spruce and larch. Bad Boys certainly looked great. Our group of 12 got out, the cat roared off to the bottom to wait for us. We all got geared up and followed our guide to where we would drop in. The guide said to stay center and stop at the tree line. With that he turned and disappeared into a cloud of white.

I sliced my way past a couple of my buddies and dropped in. The first turn took me by surprise. It was like there was no bottom. By turn three I was able to get a glimpse of where I was and pointed to where I needed to go. With that the most epic 4 days of powder skiing began.

Truck campers offer obvious advantages in their mobility, as well as lower gas mileage and lower profile than RVs or pop up campers. However, do not let their smaller size fool you, they can be incredibly well appointed and more spacious than one would imagine. Like all recreational vehicles, they range in size, features, and price.

Starting with a smaller and more basic model, one would typically find a truck camper that offers floor space that is roughly eight feet in length. While that may sound small, a well designed truck camper can pack a lot in that little space. You can expect to find that even the more basic, lower priced truck campers will have features like an ice box, a sink with hot and cold water, a stove top, Porta-Potti storage area, an outdoor shower with privacy curtain, a sitting area, and a generously sized bed. When combined with propane gas and water storage ability, even a basic truck camper can allow you to venture far from the beaten path without sacrificing comfort or ignoring any of your basic needs.

If you have a taste for things that are anything but basic there are truck campers for you as well. Deluxe campers can stretch to as much as twelve feet of floor length and have a list of features that you would expect to find on a full sized RV. How about a bathroom and shower, flat screen television with surround sound system, refrigerator and freezer, multiple burner stove top and oven, heating and air conditioning, and a queen sized bed? Yes, all of those things and more can comfortably fit in a first rate truck camper.

The truck camper that is best for you depends on several things. Your wants and needs, your budget, and most important, your truck; all of those factors will drive your ultimate decision. Some campers can not fit in the bed of smaller trucks, and some smaller trucks can not handle the weight of the largest truck campers (which can exceed three thousand pounds). Once you find a combination that meets your criteria then your destination is up to you! A truck camper is your key to anywhere you want to go, and you can go with as much style as your heart desires!

[Reproduced with permission]

A Beginners Guide To Bodybuilding – The Basics

A Beginners Guide To Bodybuilding – The Basics

As a beginner to bodybuilding there are few basics you need to know before you head off head first down the gym to start training to ensure that you maximize the effects of your work outs and minimize the risks of injury.

One of the biggest mistakes many people do when they are starting out in bodybuilding is to fail to do any research and so they don’t see the results they want, so if you’re reading this you’re a step ahead of the game. A failure to see results causes serious frustration and many people stop training, so do your research first.

You need to learn the most effective and efficient methods to build muscle, burn fat and tone your body, plus learning how to live a healthy lifestyle is essential especially in terms of your nutrition.

One of the first things you need to do before you start any new training program or exercise regime is to get in touch with your doctor and get a full check up. If you are in your teens, a young adult or have had any health problems in the past this is especially important. Also your doctor should be able to give you advice about training programs, your diet and do general checks to ensure your body is in good order. Plus your doctor may be able to recommend good gyms to join.

As a beginner bodybuilder you should make a concerted effort too learn as much about your body and bodybuilding as possible, as it’ll help you in your efforts to get that perfect body if you know what you’re training and why you’re doing it. A good way to get started is to do train your entire body first by working the largest muscle groups, and then focus on specific areas that you want to tone and define. So don’t just go down the gym every day and do a few hundred sit ups and expect to get a six pack, it won’t happen. Don’t forget to warm up before and after you session and stretch thoroughly to encourage muscle growth, keep you flexible and avoid injury.

If you don’t eat healthy you won’t build the quantity of muscle you could do otherwise and you’ll never get the definition you want. Self discipline is essential. You also should speak to a nutritionist and learn the difference between good fats and carbs and bad fats and carbs; also you need to identify the optimum amount of protein you need in you diet.

When you are training make sure that you drink plenty of water to ward off dehydration. If you eat the correct foods and live a healthy lifestyle, such as not smoking, not drinking and ensuring you get enough sleep, you’ll maximize all your training efforts significantly.

Finally speak to other gym goers and find a coach to teach you how to use the equipment properly and to design you a personalized training program to optimize you efforts. If there’re professional bodybuilders at your gym, speak to them and ask them about how they did it. Follow your training program carefully to avoid overtraining and learn your body’s limits so you don’t injure yourself. If you eat and live healthy and stick to your training program you’ll have the lean and toned body you desire in no time.

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